The sun is one of nature’s greatest resources, nutrients & healers. Living in High Elevation, exposure to the sun is scarce. As an immune system regulator, Vitamin D is absolutely vital to vibrant health. Vitamin D aids in the prevention and healing of: Osteoporosis, Cancer, Depression, Diabetes, Obesity, Insomnia & Digestive Disease. Learn tips & tricks to create health and longevity.

Mountainside Institute is proud to present it’s Seminar Series. These casual but highly informative gatherings are facilitating understanding and action toward healthy living and sustainable communities in our area. One of the underlying concepts we hope to address is integrated problem-solving. Issues are complex and holistic approaches have the potential to be more interesting and effective. Though the world may be full of specialists, collaboration is where many solutions lie.

Please join us for How & Why to Maximize the Nutrients of the Sun Living in High Elevation – Tuesday, September 10th, 5:30 – 7pm at The Redden House in Mountainside Village. This event is presented by Jenny Collins, Integrative Nutritionist & Holistic Health Coach, CINHC, CHHC, IAHC, Use the sun to your best benefit and live healthfully in High Elevation.

The Redden House – Mountainside Village

9013 Village Way

Victor, ID 83455

*Bring warm layers as this event will take place outside.