“Let’s all take this opportunity to make the changes, locally, nationally and globally that may allow us to avert the worst potential havoc from human-caused climate change.”

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It’s a coincidence that the Town Council meeting scheduled for a vote on a climate initiative was canceled by concern over the coronavirus. The initiative is quite worthy and I

Adventure Geography and the Non-Traditional Scientist

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Utilizing stories and photographs of personal experiences conducting research and guiding scientists and recreationists, the presentation will journey across both the Arctic and Antarctic. With an emphasis on climate research, firsthand

How & Why to Maximize the Nutrients of the Sun Living in High Elevation

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The sun is one of nature’s greatest resources, nutrients & healers. Living in High Elevation, exposure to the sun is scarce. As an immune system regulator, Vitamin D is absolutely

High-Performance Building for Healthier Living

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Compare and contrast the design and construction of two very different super high-performance, healthy and passive solar homes. These two homes are conveniently located across the street from one another

Toward Net-Zero Waste on the Job Site

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Construction waste is filling our dumps & costing too much. Are you interested in reducing waste on the job site? Do you want to lower construction costs? Do you want to

Integrating Passive & Active Solar in Residential Design

Integrating Passive & Active Solar in Residential Design Are you interested in integrating solar energy in your home design? Or are you looking to understand and improve your current home? Join our