Compare and contrast the design and construction of two very different super high-performance, healthy and passive solar homes. These two homes are conveniently located across the street from one another in Mountainside Village. This is a great opportunity to see the homes and talk with the builders and designers as they near completion.

The Riley House is a straw clay timber frame.
The Stitgen House is a super insulated timber frame.
Both homes are beautifully crafted and exhibit that special “something” when dedicated builders build their own homes.

Mountainside Institute is proud to present it’s Seminar Series. These casual but highly informative gatherings are facilitating understanding and action toward healthy living and sustainable communities in our area. One of the underlying concepts we hope to address is integrated problem-solving. Issues are complex and holistic approaches have the potential to be more interesting and effective. Though the world may be full of specialists, collaboration is where many solutions lie.

Please join us for High Performance Building Technologies for Healthier Living – Tuesday, June 18th, 5:30 – 7pm at the Riley & Stitgen Homes in Mountainside Village. This event is presented by Adam Riley, Owner & Builder, Teton Timber Frame,, Davin Stitgen, Structural Engineer & Project Manager,Teton Timber Frame & Larry Thal, AIA Sustainable Architect and Community Designer, Learn how to create a beautiful, quality & efficient home!

The Riley House

Mountainside Village

9020 Mt. Oliver Street

Victor, ID 83455

*Please bring warm layers & wear proper shoes, as the demonstrations are construction sites.