This super efficient small house lives large on a narrow lot. Tight & well insulated.


Floor Area 740 sf.

South Glass 120 sf.   South Glass ratio 16%

Thermal Mass phase change material in walls & ceiling & heavy weight 5/8” gyp bd.

Glazing All triple pane , optimized for heat gain on south elevation.

Insulation Walls R-27 are 5.5” blown cellulose + 1/2” interior thermal break,

Ceiling R-50, 12.75” blown cellulose  

Back up heat Cove elect. and small wood stove. 

Ventilation Continuous.

Active Solar  4 Panel- 1.28 kW array photovoltaic, grid tied system. Projected to produce 1500 kWh/yr. produced 1413 kWh in 2019

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