Climate Action

Project Drawdown2020

Provides 100 top solutions to lower our carbon footprint.  It has become a key resource for climate action 

There are many groups working on Climate Action organizations. This is one of the original groups.

Ready for 100 – Sierra Club

Find a Ready For 100 campaign or city that is committed to—or powered by—100% clean energy near you. Learn more or take action now!

Certification/Educational Programs

US Green Building Council

This is aey organization with the goal to improve the health and efficiency of our buildings. Sponsor of LEED building certification programs:

Living Future

Focus on regenerative buildings that create a positive impact on human and natural systems.  Sponsor of Living Building Challenge:

Passive House

Provides super high-performance building standards.

Pretty Good House

A no nonsense, get it done low carbon building resource:

Green Building Resources and How-To

Green Building Advisor

A building science resource with great technical resources to build smarter and keep buildings durable and healthy.

Zero Energy Project

Shows ways to design and build affordable net-zero energy homes.

Team Zero

The mission is to to make the built environment a positive asset on the carbon balance sheet of the planet. Great webinar links:

Carbon Leadership Forum

Provides resources, research, networks and various initiatives.

475 High Performance Supply

This site is a provider of high performance building products, including knowledge resources.

Energy & Environmental Building Alliance

Provides great tools for high performance building professionals.


These are the passive solar house implementation experts.

High Performance Building in Cold Climates with Beyond Efficiency

Jackson building energy conservation experts of Beyond Efficiency discuss High Performance Building in Cold Climates  as part of the 2020 “Building the Future We Want” series.

Passive House Rocky Mountains

Making low carbon, high quality building the standard.