Suncatcher House

Location: Mountainside Village
Architect: Larry Thal

Craftsman inspired 3 bedroom 2 bath house.  With Efficiency Accessory Unity.

The Suncatcher house is a demonstration high-performance integrated passive solar design and construction.  Oriented along an east-west axis, the Suncatcher’s long south-facing window wall has about 320 sf for a south glass ratio of about 17%.  This high ratio was made possible by the high level of thermal mass.  The mass in the 3” thick concrete floor contains hydronic heating.  The mass in the 8” thick by 11’ high masonry mass wall provides a huge heat sink, soaking up solar heat in the winter and coolth in the summer to keep the temperatures comfortable year round. South glass and thermal mass are carefully balanced to ensure that residents are neither too hot nor too cold. The home’s special high solar-gain windows bring in natural light and heat, while minimizing heat loss.

House 1900 sf.

Basement 1100 sf (now finished)

Accessory Unit  560 sf.

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