About Mountainside Institute

Mountainside Institute’s mission is to help communities and individuals find creative, integrated solutions to living sustainably in rural, high elevation landscapes.

The Institute is on the grounds of Mountainside Village in Victor, Idaho, right at the base of Teton Pass. Our beautiful site provides direct access to nature, a farm for onsite food production and best practices in sustainable building and living.

We offer workshops, trainings and retreats on high elevation solutions in: integrated design, collaborative leadership, energy efficiency, local agriculture, wellness, sustainable lifestyles and deep connections with land and nature.

Our Mountainside Institute Seminar Series offers on-going workshops and trainings to our local community. Series titles have included: High-Performance Building for Healthier Living; Toward Net-Zero Waste on Job Site; What Makes Community Loved Places.

Our goal is to facilitate understanding and action toward healthy living and sustainable practices. One of the underlying concepts we address is integrated problem-solving. Issues are complex and holistic approaches tend to be more beautiful and effective.

Mountainside Institute proudly partners with and supports other organizations, municipalities, and businesses, which focus specifically on sustainable living, holistic wellness and vibrant community life.

A percentage of real estate sales in Mountainside Village partially fund the Institute’s community outreach programs.

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Green Building and Living Tips

Overview of Climate and Green Building Green Building – How Tos

“Let’s all take this opportunity to make the changes, locally, nationally and globally that may allow us to avert the worst potential havoc from human-caused climate change.”

It’s a coincidence that the Town Council meeting scheduled for a vote on a climate initiative was canceled by concern over the coronavirus. The initiative is quite worthy and I wholeheartedly support it but the concern that it might be more symbolic than effective is real.  COVID-19 over the past week has had a huge

Adventure Geography and the Non-Traditional Scientist

Utilizing stories and photographs of personal experiences conducting research and guiding scientists and recreationists, the presentation will journey across both the Arctic and Antarctic. With an emphasis on climate research, firsthand experiences will provide a platform for discussing science, adventure and exploration in high latitudes. Mountainside Institute is proud to present it’s Seminar Series. These casual