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Are you interested in building the best quality, healthiest and most efficient home? Are you interested in a Passive House, Passive Solar, Net Zero House or just a wonderful space to reside? Whatever your goal, a high performance building envelope is essential! Join our experts for a discussion of the best practices to get there.

We will dig into some case studies to share real world examples of how to go about making those tough choices for optimizing materials and methods.  This discussion should be informative for both the seasoned professional and the layperson.

Mountainside Institute is proud to present it’s Seminar Series. These casual but highly informative gatherings are facilitating understanding and action toward healthy living and sustainable communities in our area. One of the underlying concepts we hope to address is integrated problem-solving. Issues are complex and holistic approaches have the potential to be more interesting and effective. Though the world may be full of specialists, collaboration is where many solutions lie.

Please join us for High Performance Building Technologies for Healthier Living – Tuesday, September 25th, 2018, 7-9pm at The Redden House, Mountainside Village. This event is presented by Meghan Hansen, AIA, LEED AP, CPHC, Natural Dwellings Architecture, http://naturaldwellings.com/Scott Paulson, Sustainable Energy Consultant & Energy Auditor, http://www.resourceefficientsolutions.com/ & Larry Thal, AIA, Sustainable Architect and Community Designer,  http://sunlight-design.com/. Learn how to create a beautiful, quality & efficient home!


The Redden House
Mountainside Village
9013 Red Mountain Way
Victor, ID 83455